- Second Circular
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The Clay Mineral Society (CMS), the Clay Science Society of Japan (CSSJ) and the Spanish Clay Society (SEA) will hold a trilateral meeting in Spain in 2010 devoted to Clays and Clay Minerals.


The aim of this 2010-Trilateral Meeting on Clays (2010TMC) is to of fer a warm and friendly conference that will highlight innovative scientific and technical aspects of clays and related minerals.
The 2010TMC will begin with a one-day Workshop on Clays & Materials in Madrid followed by a Symposium on Sepiolite consisting of one-half day field trip to the Mg-clay deposits close to Madrid (i.e., sepiolite and smectites) and a Conference Session that will take place in Seville. The General Meeting will take place also in Seville, with a field trip to the Rio Tinto Mines area (SW-Spain).


Madrid is a bustling, friendly and cosmopolitan city, retaining its place as a European business hub and Spain’s political and economic centre. It is located at the Centre of the Iberian Peninsula being very well linked to the rest of Spain and foreign countries by air, rail or road. A high-speed train (AVE) connects Madrid with Seville in about 2h 30min.

The General Meeting will take place in Seville, lo cated in the Southwest of Spain. Seville has always been a friendly city open to all cultures with a rich past, a dynamic present, and an exciting future. It is the capital of the province and the Andalusian region, with around one million inhabitants. The city of Se ville is located on the Plain of Guadalquivir River which crosses the city from North to South. Weather in June is warm and sunny in Madrid and warmer in Seville. Temperatures could range from 15ºC at night to 35ºC during the day. Light clothing is suitable for this period of the year.



The official Language will be English.


A limited number of student grants will be available to assist with the expenses of postgraduate students and young researchers belonging to one the organizing societies. Consult webpages of your society for details.

SEA    www.sea-arcillas.es
CMS   www.clays.org
CSSJ  awarded in November 2009